Lucy’s back!

We’re very excited to share that Lucy will be back working at the practice shortly! She is looking forward to returning and to working with both current and new patients.

Physiotherapist applying rocktape | Stafford Physiotherapy CentreLucy has an impressive skillset with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy, a Masters of Sports Physiotherapy and further study in dry needling, muscle energy techniques, running biomechanics, kinesiology, taping, diagnostic ultrasound, strength and conditioning coaching, and sports rehabilitation. Read more about Lucy here.

Lucy will be working Wednesdays and Saturdays from July. Her hours are limited so bookings are essential!


To book in with Lucy please call or book online.

Meet Our Team: Sandra

Sandra Day | owner, physiotherapist and pilates instructor at Stafford Physiotherapy CentreSandra established Stafford Physiotherapy and Pilates in 1988 and, with over 30 years in ‘the biz’, is one of Brisbane’s most experienced physiotherapists. Sandra also takes a number of our Pilates classes and is particularly passionate about treating musculoskeletal problems, sporting injuries and headaches.

Sandra’s philosophy of life involves three things:

1. Have fun
2. Be kind to people
3. During your life, work towards being a healthy old person (and that means exercising regularly, eating well and being positive).


What motivates you? I love caring about people – their health and wellbeing. Helping people be the best they can be. I love the science of physiotherapy, but it is also an art and a passion to learn more. I love trying new sorts of exercise. Over the years, I have done ballet, was a good sprinter, played netball, indoor cricket, squash, and enjoyed aerobics and Step in the 80s, swimming, LeRoc dancing, yoga, Tai chi, Pilates and, lately, Xtend Barre.

What’s your favourite 3pm snack? Fresh raw green beans, banana or raw carrots (Don’t be fooled though; I’m not perfect, especially after 8pm!)

What do you enjoy most about your job? Helping people in pain, working out how to fix musculoskeletal problems by easing pain and helping strengthen the body. Having a laugh with patients and staff. Putting a smile on someone’s face.

What’s your favourite part of the day? Late! After 10pm.

Sandra Day | owner, physiotherapist and pilates instructor at Stafford Physiotherapy CentreIf you weren’t a physio what would you be? Another caring health professional role – maybe speech pathologist or music therapist

What’s your favourite restaurant/café? Pod, Stafford; Little Loco, New Farm; Libertine, Barracks; Sono, Portside; Stokehouse, Southbank, Aria for special occasions. Can you tell I like food? 🙂

Would you rather dance or do karaoke, and to which song? Dance! I love music with a good beat from any era. Some of my favourites are:

  • Twist and Shout – Beatles
  • Rock Lobster – B52s
  • Walk Like an Egyptian – The Bangles
  • Dance Dance – Fallout Boy
  • Can’t Stop – Red Hot Chilli Peppers
  • Old Yellow Bricks, Brianstorm and Teddy Picker – Arctic Monkeys
  • Last Nite and Heart in a Cage – The Strokes
  • Cloud Nine – Baker Boy

Read more about Sandra here.

Meet Our Team: Lucy

Lucy Beumer Physiotherapist at Stafford Physiotherapy Centre Brisbane Northside

Lucy is a physiotherapist and clinical Pilates instructor at Stafford Physiotherapy and Pilates. With a masters in Sports Physiotherapy, Lucy is passionate about helping her clients achieve their goals – whether it be simply going for a stroll without experiencing pain, or competing in a triathlon! 



What motivates you? I enjoy helping people achieve their goals. Being able to play a small part in a patient’s journey and watching their success and progress is very rewarding.

What’s your favourite 3pm snack? 2 squares of 70% lindt dark chocolate and a cup of lemon and ginger tea – everything in moderation!

Lucy Beumer physiotherapist from Stafford Physiotherapy Centre treating a patientWhat do you enjoy most about your job? Apart from helping people, I love that every day is different and I’m not stuck behind a desk. I get to meet numerous people and treat a wide variety of injuries as well as teach clinical pilates.

What’s your favourite part of the day? The morning – I am a morning person. I prefer to exercise early and start the day in an active way before getting into work.

If you weren’t a physio, what would you be? I would be a teacher or run a café.

Would you rather dance, or do karaoke? Neither. 😊 Can I go to the gym or a yoga class instead?

Read more about Lucy here. 

Meet Our Team: Ally

Ally is a physiotherapist and clinical Pilates instructor at Stafford Physiotherapy and Pilates. We’ve been lucky to have Ally as part of the team for more than 10 years! Prior to joining us in 2007, Ally worked at a number of hospitals and private practices, both in Australia and aboard.





What motivates you? My kids, my impatience and the satisfaction of doing something myself.

What’s your favourite 3pm snack? dark chocolate

What do you enjoy most about your job? Meeting so many different people and helping them get back to what they enjoy.

What’s your favourite part of the day? the excited squeal and bear hugs from my kids as I walk in the door after work.

If you weren’t a physio what would you be? a dentist

What’s your favourite restaurant/café? Malt

Would you rather dance or do karaoke, and to which song? Dance to 80’s disco!

Read more about Ally here.