Happy Feet classes are a fun 30min exercise class designed to restore 
strength and mobility of your feet and ankles. We will challenge your balance system with different movements in a playful and progressive way. Most importantly, through training we will help you develop strong, resilient and pain free feet!

Classes are perfect for anyone suffering from plantar fasciitis, shin splints, arthritis, heel spurs, bunions, foot and ankle tendinopathies and ankle sprains. Happy Feet training will help people prone to falls, needing balance training and even people requiring strength and agility for sport and running.

What to expect

Classes will involve a range of different exercises of the foot and ankle. Exercises are done in bare feet on the floor, on foam or balance beams. We use hard trigger balls for fascia release and soft hacky sack or TheraBand for foot intrinsic muscle training.

Exercises are based on training developed by the Foot Collective and their Soulmate Training System.

Classes are $20 for 30min.

Many private health funds will provide cover for exercise sessions with a physiotherapist, however the rebates offered vary based on the individual provider and the level of cover that you have. Please contact your provider directly for more information.