We introduced massage to our range of services in 2020. Massage is a wonderful complementary treatment for your body (and mind!) alongside exercise, Pilates and physiotherapy.

Massages are delivered by our qualified massage therapist, Jessica Clarkson, in our professional and comfortable treatment rooms. Jess offers a number of different treatment styles which are outlined below.

Your private health fund may cover massage and, if so, you will be able to make the hicaps claim on site at the time of payment.

Massage treatments

Remedial massage serves to increase feelings of well-being, relaxation, and decrease overall negative symptoms in the short term. Treatment will include a thorough consultation, assessment, and treatment techniques such as massage, dry needling, cupping, taping, stretching, relaxation methods, and education to prolong effects of treatment.
Pregnancy massage is regularly used by mums-to-be in the second and third trimesters to aid in some of the discomfort experienced throughout lower back, hips, legs and feet. Side-lying is most common with the use of a body pillow for comfort.
Relaxation massage helps you recover from the stresses of our busy modern lives, with long, rhythmic strokes and your preferred amount of pressure. It can help relieve tension, improve circulation, ease headaches and calm the nervous system.
Myotherapy is similar to remedial massage in many ways, however a greater emphasis is placed on communication, assessment, goal setting and client education. Perfect for those wanting to take ownership of their situation and put an actionable plan into place.

Massage Therapist - Jessica Clarkson

Jessica has been a practicing massage therapist since 2008. Throughout this time, she has also studied Manual Lymphatic Drainage and completed an Advanced Diploma in Myotherapy in 2015. Jessica continues to engage in learning and is currently undergoing a Bachelor’s degree at the Australian Catholic University.

Jessica believes in a holistic client-centered approach to treatment and collaborating closely with the team at Stafford Physiotherapy and Pilates to optimise treatment outcomes. She enjoys a wide scope of massage techniques ranging from cupping, relaxation, deep tissue, pregnancy massage and a variety of other modalities.

With her passion for long distance trail running and hiking, Jessica is particularly fond of working with endurance sport and activity related conditions, along with general health and well-being massage.

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