The GLA:D® Program (Good Life with Arthritis: Denmark) is a program of education and exercise designed to help reduce the symptoms of hip and/or knee osteoarthritis.

The program runs over 6 weeks and includes 12 supervised exercise sessions and 2 education sessions, each running for approximately 60 minutes.

Due to staffing constraints, we have decided to pause the GLA: D program. However, we do still assess and treat knees and hips and are able to provide a comparable exercise program which we can adjust to suit your needs and progress. You may choose to do this and join our Physio Exercise Classes on our Pilates equipment for a full body strengthening and balance workout.

About GLA:D®

GLA:D® has been shown to help people of all ages with mild, moderate and severe osteoarthritis by reducing pain, increasing mobility and enhancing quality of life. Often surgery such as joint replacement can be avoided. There are many reasons why GLA:D® and similar exercise programs can help reduce pain and improve mobility, because exercise affects a person in a variety of ways: from improving bone and muscle strength to elevating mood. Exercise itself is a recognised treatment for some chronic health conditions and reduces the risk of many others.

The exercises done in GLA:D® target joint stability, muscle strength and confidence with movement.

As well as providing the treatment framework for osteoarthritis, GLA:D® Australia collects research data from participants. This data is de-identified, which means that it can’t be used to identify participants. We ask you to complete questionnaires with information about your health and your experiences with osteoarthritis before you start, then at 3 months and again at 12 months. Your physiotherapist will also undertake some progression tests. The GLA:D® Australia team will use this information to work towards improving access to the best possible care for people with osteoarthritis.

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Studies in Scandinavian countries have also shown that people who have completed the GLA:D® program before having a total knee joint replacement tend to recover more quickly. Similar ‘prehab’ results have been found for total hip replacement. The GLA:D® education sessions are an opportunity for the physiotherapist to tell you about the latest research evidence and for you to ask questions and discuss it with the physiotherapist and other participants.

The GLA:D® exercises are a set of 10 exercises, plus warm-up and cool-down, aimed at improving the strength and function around your hips and knees. Sessions are run in small groups of around four to six people. In each session, the same exercises are done by each person at the level appropriate for them. The physiotherapists who run GLA:D® programs have been trained to customise the program to suit the individual: YOU. There is also an option to do the program one on one if you prefer.

The exercises and strategies you learn in GLA:D® are also easily able to be continued by you at home. Most importantly, they are a tool for you to use whenever you feel you need to – for example, if something happens to reduce your level of activity, or if your pain increases. Some people will go back to doing their GLA:D® program after recovering from surgery.