Many private health funds will provide cover for physiotherapy exercise sessions at our practice, as all clients are fully supervised by a physiotherapist while undertaking a completely personalised program. Please feel free to contact us for more information, or contact your health fund directly.

Pilates | Classes and Instruction | Stafford, Brisbane Northern Suburbs

Step one: Musculoskeletal assessment (1 hour)

In this one-on-one appointment we assess your body, including any existing or previous injuries. Before your next appointment we use this information to develop your personalised exercise program, ensuring that it is safe and that it addresses your needs for maximum benefit.

Step two: Private follow-up session (1 hour)

In this one-on-one session you learn your tailored exercise program and how to use the equipment in our Pilates studio. Depending on your personal situation, you may need one or two of these private sessions before joining group classes.

Step three: Group sessions (1 hour)

You’re now ready to join group sessions, fully-supervised by a Pilates-trained physiotherapist, with a maximum of three other people who are all doing their own exercise program.
$52 (existing patients* $45)
10 pack $500 (existing patients* $420)

*An existing patient is someone who has previously received, or who is currently receiving, physiotherapy treatment at our practice.

Step four: Reprogramming session (1 hour)

Most clients undertake the same program (with appropriate progressions, variations or changes when needed) for 10 sessions and then visit us for a one-on-one body assessment and new exercise program. This ensures that you continue to build strength and challenge different muscles throughout your body.