Unfortunately, sports injuries happen unexpectedly.

Our goal at Stafford Physiotherapy Centre is to provide you with sports physio in Stafford that will get you back up and taking part in your favourite event as quickly as possible. As a leading Stafford physiotherapy sports injuries clinic, we offer specific treatment plans to remedy your injury. We have our own APA Accredited Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist, Lucy Beumer.

Problems that our Sports Physio can help you with in Brisbane Northside at Stafford Physiotherapy Centre

Sports injuries present different issues that an athlete (professional, elite, advanced or recreational) needs to deal with to not only get back to their sport but living a normal life. The problems that sports physio in Stafford will address include:

  • Muscle weakness: When you suffer a sports injury, your entire body can feel the effects. Taking part in a sport, you have conditioned your body to a certain level. An injury causes interruption in the consistent training to which your body is accustomed.
  • Lack of body relaxation: Pain is usually associated with a sports injury. When the source of the pain is not properly addressed, your body cannot relax which could result in sleepless nights and increased levels of stress. We can advise you on managing this or refer you on.
  • Injury Prevention: A leading concern among injured patients is trying to prevent other injuries. Our sports physio team in Stafford will assess your injury and create a treatment plan that will not only address your current injury but condition your body to avoid any future issues.
  • Safe return to sport: As physiotherapists, we are the best health professionals to give you advice regarding exercises and activities that maximise a safe and effective recovery. We have a lot of experience in injury recovery and how far to push rehabilitation without re-injury.

We realise that other problems could arise during your treatment. Our trained staff will work with you to adjust your treatment should that issue come into play.

What Sets Stafford Physiotherapy Centre Apart Regarding Sports Physio in Stafford?

As a leading Stafford physiotherapy sports injuries clinic, we pride ourselves on offering you only the best options in physiotherapy. Our clinic will always provide you with:

  • A friendly and caring staff: Every member of our team understands this discomfort that comes along with a sports injury. We offer a relaxed environment to ensure you feel as comfortable as possible during your rehabilitation process.
  • Up-to-date physiotherapy experience: Our centre has been operating for 30 years. Throughout that time, we make sure that our physiotherapists are continuously researching the latest techniques in treating sports injuries. We are committed to the physiotherapists at our centre receiving ongoing education to provide you with the best options for your care.
  • A personalised approach: We are committed to helping you recover from your injury. Our physiotherapists will complete a personal assessment of your injury to ensure that you receive only the best care.
  • Referral to other professionals: if necessary, we can refer you to other top health professionals if needed. These include podiatrists, hand therapists and sport physicians.

We understand the level of commitment that is required to rehab a sports injury. When you choose our Stafford sports injury clinic, you can rest assured that you will not be working alone in your recovery.

Why Should You Call Stafford Physiotherapy Centre?

Our centre will put a treatment plan together for any sports injury. It is important to begin therapy quickly to get your body back to the condition needed for the sport you enjoy. For more information about our physiotherapy options, please call us on (07) 3857 5815 or use our contact us page for an online booking option.