5 TheraBand exercises you can do when travelling

Being away from home and doing strength exercises can be challenging. Packing a small TheraBand can be a quick, easy and space saving way to complete a wide variety of exercises for the whole body.

What is TheraBand?

TheraBand is a natural rubber latex strip that can be used for a wide variety of resistance exercises. 

Here are 5 of the best TheraBand exercises to do whilst travelling:
Bicep Curls Theraband < Bicep curls

Stand on the middle of the TheraBand and hold on with both hands. Bend your elbow to pull the TheraBand towards your shoulder.


Rows >

Fold the TheraBand in half and close it in a door to secure it at approximately elbow height. Hold onto both ends of the TheraBand with your elbows bent, squeeze shoulder blades together and bring elbows back.

< Shoulder press

Lay on your back, with the TheraBand underneath you. Hold onto both ends of the TheraBand, straighten your elbows and bring both ends of the TheraBand to touch in the middle of your body at arm’s length.

Clams >

Make the TheraBand into a circle and lay on your side with your knees bent. Place the TheraBand just above your knees. Keep your heels together and bring the top knee up towards the roof and lower back down.

< Squats

Stand with both feet on the TheraBand and hold onto both ends with your hands and elbows straight. Bend knees to 90 degrees and elbows to 90 degrees, then stand back up.


This post was written by Laura Wade, 4th year physiotherapist student from Australian Catholic University. 

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