Tips For Long Car Rides

Raine’s Top 3 for Surviving Long Car Trips


As we come to the busy festive season, many people set out for the long drive interstate to visit family. Just the thought of being cooped up in a car for hours on end might make you start to ache. After just returning from a driving trip to Sydney, Raine has some great ideas to help you arrive at the other in better shape, and hopefully not flare up your old neck and back issues.



1. Settle in!

Driving should be all about comfort without compromising on safety, we need to ensure that we are close enough to the wheel and pedals so that our elbows and knees are in a relaxed bend (about 30 degrees). You shouldn’t need to be reaching for things, this includes taking things out of your pockets to prevent having to get them later or making us uncomfortable by sitting on them. Don’t forget to recline that seat just a bit, we don’t need to be sitting super straight for a long drive.


2. Take breaks!

We want to slip, slop, slap on long drives and even if it’s not sunny, the sun is still out. Don’t forget to stop and reapply, take a load off, have a coffee and do some exercises. It doesn’t have to be a whole routine, walking around the car park a few times is good and if you can do a fast walk, that’s great. Practice some squats or sit to stand off the bench, or some push-ups if you’re feeling up for it. Stretches are great and doing some twists for the lower back or some forward bends are essential, neck stretches can come in handy as well for those who get a sore neck after a while.


3. Have Fun!

Play some music and do a little chair dance, moving around doesn’t just have to be when you stop the car. See if you can use some of those arm muscles and practice pressing your back into the chair for ten seconds, or use those neck muscles by pressing the head into the headrest.


Just the thought ‘driving’ you crazy?

Get into your nearest clinic for some advice and some treatment for those aches and pains.