Clinical Pilates is a specific treatment based approach used by trained physiotherapists to manage injuries. It is aimed at managing the more chronic & recurrent problem injuries after a thorough assessment of the patient’s movements. This includes a full understanding of the particular individual movements that aggravate symptoms and also the movements that ease symptoms. Clinical Pilates describes the specific application of traditional Pilates exercises within a clinical physiotherapy setting. The term is exclusively used by physiotherapists who manage patients with exercise using a movement based classification system. This then establishes treatment specific to the individual patient presentation.

Pilates Classes in Stafford Are a Therapeutic Response to Multiple Kinds of Pain

Stafford Physiotherapy Centre offers Clinical Pilates in Brisbane Northside with the following areas of pain in mind:

  • Neck and Back Pain – Often, this kind of pain is caused by poor posture. Pilates classes in Stafford can help improve posture by repetition of rhythmic movements in ideal posture for the patient. By strengthening the muscles in their ideal posture, Pilates can assist in pain management and improvement of quality of life.
  • Sporting Injuries – This kind of injury can seriously impact both lifestyle and workplace capability. Reformer Pilates in Stafford allows the exercises to be performed from a variety of positions that can regulate stress and pressure around the injury. The springs on the Reformer can be adjusted to assist normal movement in the acute stage and then resist movements as the patient progresses. This can enhance the healing process of the muscles, ligaments and tendons.
  • Knee and Shoulder Pain–We have a variety of Pilates equipment, including the Reformer, the trapeze table, Wunda Chair, spine corrector and ladder barrel. A hybrid blend of these types of equipment can be used combining mat and reformer Pilates and the other equipment. Brisbane Northside benefits from the variety of options that can be used, permitting a specific program to be customised with a focus on individualised care.

Regardless of the source of the pain, a unique program can be devised to respond to your condition and experience. We focus on your goals for your Pilates experience.

We Provide a Variety of Approaches to Pilates Classes in Brisbane Northside

To provide you with the best care we can, we offer a comprehensive approach.

  • Step One – Musculoskeletal Assessment. We assess your body for any existing or previous injuries, including your strength, weaknesses, flexibility, pain, stiffness, as well as your capacity to perform different Pilates exercises. Based on this information, your Pilates program will be personalised just for you. We can give you a program that will let you move without pain. We then progress the exercises as your pain improves as you get stronger. We can adjust your exercises in your program each time you come if needed.
  • Step Two – Private Follow-Up Session. You will receive specific instruction on how to use all equipment involved in your program, and we will take this opportunity to prepare you to join group classes. We can also advise you on some helpful exercises to do at home.
  • Step Three – Group Classes. We continue your individual supervision in a group setting. We cap the group size at four to ensure that our physiotherapist can continue to give you the attention you need to make the most of the program.
  • Step Four – Reprogramming Session. After 10 sessions, you will receive a one-on-one personal reassessment. This will allow us to gauge your progress and adjust your new program as needed.

Why Trust Stafford Physiotherapy Centre Regarding Clinical Pilates in Stafford?

Stafford Physiotherapy Centre has over 30 years of experience and maintains a dedicated focus on continuing education. This combination allows us to use traditional methods while intermixing the latest techniques and research to give you the best program available. We add variety to your Pilates by including exercise equipment like the TRX and The Mobility Stick.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation in a friendly and caring environment. Make the most of Clinical Pilates in Stafford by engaging in a custom program designed just for your body.