When it comes to injuries, not seeking out treatment can lead to more damage. At Stafford Physiotherapy Centre, we work with you to determine the cause of your injury, treat the pain, and give advice that will help you to minimise further damage and future harm. Our treatment programs for musculoskeletal physiotherapy are managed by a team of highly qualified and experienced physiotherapists.

Benefits of Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

There are several benefits to seeking musculoskeletal physiotherapy aside from just alleviating the pain, including the following.

  • Faster Recovery: Physiotherapists can massage certain injuries to enhance recovery, meaning you get back to your everyday activities quickly. These professionals will also help to strengthen the surrounding muscles, which will support the injured tissue. Joint injuries are also known to respond well to physiotherapy.
  • Individual Treatment Plan: We are experienced in treating a wide variety of injuries including neck and back pain, shoulder, knee, ankle, and foot pain, joint aches, and sprains. Our treatment plan takes into consideration the cause of the pain and, using that information, our physiotherapists tailor a program which may include strengthening surrounding muscles or re-training muscles that are overworked.
  • Preventing Further Injury: If your injury is due to poor posture then we will work with you to correct it while also giving advice on ongoing exercises you can use to strengthen muscles, how to manage daily tasks that may be causing strain, and which changes may be necessary at home or work.

Tips Regarding Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

When preparing for a physiotherapy appointment, it is important to dress in clothes that you are comfortable in and that are not restrictive around the area of injury. You may be asked to remove an item of clothing for a thorough assessment and for the most comprehensive treatment possible. In addition to wearing clothing that supports the assessment and treatment process, there are a few other ways you can prepare for your appointment.

  • What to Bring: If you have been referred for a musculoskeletal assessment at our Stafford centre, then you will need to bring your doctor’s referral as well as recent scans and reports for your injury. We also need a list of current medication and, if your injury is due to running, then bring your running shoes as well.
  • Injury History: During your initial consultation, our physiotherapist will ask for a full history of your injury to help make a treatment plan. This history should include the area where the pain occurs, the type of pain, the date of injury, if surgery was required, and if you have had physiotherapy previously.
  • Length of Appointment: Appointments generally take 30 to 45 minutes with the focus staying on one area of injury at a time, but you should allow for up to an hour. Of course, as our treatments are holistic, we may assess and treat related areas that we think are involved. If you prefer booking an extended time to treat more than one area, we can accommodate your request—just let us know when you book.

About Stafford Physiotherapy Centre

We have been helping the community to alleviate pain and injury with individualised musculoskeletal physiotherapy in Brisbane Northside for more than 30 years. Our physiotherapy services are conducted by highly qualified and experienced staff members who take a hands-on approach with our clients to provide a comprehensive assessment and treatment plan that is tailored to the individual. Contact us today to book an appointment for a musculoskeletal assessment and start treating your injury.