Injuries bring with them the inconvenience of pain and decreased mobility and often prevent you from enjoying life to the fullest. If you are suffering through a current injury, then Stafford Physiotherapy Centre is the ideal place to visit to determine if an exercise prescription will help. Our highly qualified and skilled physiotherapists are passionate about alleviating pain and supporting recovery from injuries through tailored exercise prescription for the Stafford community. Physiotherapists are the most qualified health professional to provide you with an exercise program that will help improve your injury recovery.

Tips Regarding Exercise Prescription at Stafford Physiotherapy Centre

Our dedicated team of professionals treats a variety of conditions in a safe and friendly environment. An initial comprehensive assessment will determine the ideal corresponding exercise prescription for each individual. You can prepare for your first appointment by completing the following steps.

  • Bringing Appropriate Information: If you are being assessed for exercise prescription at our Stafford centre via referral, then bring the referral with you along with scans and reports referencing your injury. We also ask for a list of current medication.
  • Knowing Your Injury History: Your physiotherapist can create the most appropriate treatment plan when we have a complete history of the injury. Information we ask for includes the area of the pain, type of symptoms, behaviour of the pain, and whether you have had surgery.
  • Wearing the Right Clothes: For best results with our team, it is important to wear clothing that is comfortable yet can also be easily removed if necessary for your assessment. For an accurate diagnosis of your injury, our physiotherapists may need to assess the injury site and surrounding areas. For the neck and shoulder, we need you to take off your shirt. Women may feel more comfortable wearing exercise gear or a tank top. For the lumbar spine, we need to be able to assess the leg and buttock muscles. You are welcome to wear your togs or shorts.

Exercise prescription involves choosing very specific exercises which can speed up the recovery of injuries and even reduce the likelihood of repeat injuries. Our advice will help you understand how to strengthen the surrounding muscles, change your posture, and engage in supportive ongoing exercises. The exercises we choose are often derived from the latest research and our assessment of your movement and diagnosis.

Related Services We Provide for Exercise Prescription

Often people think physiotherapists only treat muscle strain and sports injuries, but we are also skilled in helping to prevent injury with a supportive Pilates practice. Here’s what you need to know about Pilates.

  • What Pilates Involves: A Pilates class will take you through a series of controlled movements in which you perform guided exercises while keeping your core stable. These exercises can be gentle or demanding depending on your ability and are therefore suitable for various stages of your injury rehabilitation.
  • What Pilates Does: Pilates works to improve flexibility and increase muscle strength. As your muscle strength increases and becomes balanced on both sides of the body, you will experience a stronger awareness of your posture, stabilisation of the spine, improved muscle control, and better balance, which helps to decrease the risk of injury.
  • How it Differs from Other Exercises: Pilates places emphasis on concentration of movements and how they are performed. The key to this practice lies in a stable core, precise and efficient movements, breathing during the exercises, and controlling all aspects of your movement so you support working the full potential of your muscles.

About Stafford Physiotherapy Centre

Stafford Physiotherapy Centre has been operating for more than 30 years and our team of highly qualified physiotherapists are dedicated to continuing their education. You can be confident that your individual exercise prescription will include the latest research to support your injury recovery and ongoing health. Contact us today.