Clinical Pilates gives Stafford clients a solution to muscle and joint pain.

Clinical Pilates is a specific treatment based approach used by trained physiotherapists to manage injuries. It is aimed at managing the more chronic & recurrent problem injuries after a thorough assessment of the patient’s movements. This includes a full understanding of the particular individual …read more.

Stafford Physiotherapy Centre Providing Dry Needling Therapy in Stafford

Dry needling therapy has shown that this therapeutic approach can aid you in managing the pain and discomfort that comes along with musculoskeletal issues. Understanding the benefits and importance of dry needling in Brisbane Northside is vital to your feeling …read more.

Support injury recovery with exercise prescription available in Stafford.

Injuries bring with them the inconvenience of pain and decreased mobility and often prevent you from enjoying life to the fullest. If you are suffering through a current injury, then Stafford Physiotherapy Centre is the ideal place to visit to determine if an exercise prescription will help. Our highly qualified …read more.

Reduce further injury with musculoskeletal physiotherapy in Stafford.

When it comes to injuries, not seeking out treatment can lead to more damage. At Stafford Physiotherapy Centre, we work with you to determine the cause of your injury, treat the pain, and give advice that will help you to minimise further damage and future harm. Our treatment programs for …read more.

Stafford Physiotherapy Centre is a Quality Brisbane Northside and Stafford Sports Injury Clinic

Unfortunately, sports injuries happen unexpectedly. Our goal at Stafford Physiotherapy Centre is to provide you with sports physio in Stafford that will get you back up and taking part in your favourite event as quickly as possible. As a leading Stafford physiotherapy sports injuries clinic, we offer …read more.

Relieve muscle aches with trigger point therapy in Stafford

Experience the sensation of trigger point massage. Stafford Physiotherapy Centre is offering this technique as part of a pain management and hands on treatment plan. By focusing on specific areas of built-up tension, we aim to reduce pain in a lasting way. We can also teach you how to do this at home …read more.